Free fun for the family!

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Taking the baby out and about on vacation is always a joy, sometimes it seems to be more a joy for mom and dad than it is for our little one though. We want to give them memories and fun experiences but predicting whether or not they are in the mood for the experiences is another issue entirely.  When we travel, the budget is always on our mind and paying for admission to a zoo when we may end up needing to leave due to a fussy baby would not be ideal.

Thankfully on our recent trip to West Palm Beach, we found that free animal sanctuaries can be a wonderful solution to this dilemma. They are free so there’s no impact on your budget and -if you can afford to- you can make a donation to support their research and rehabilitation of animals. The crowds were minimal and our daughter enjoyed it immensely.  First, we visited the Loggerhead Marinelife Center and had a blast. It was a great place, the best thing about it was that they had these windows down low that let the little kids see directly into the tank. She was saying “durdoe”(turtle-I think) for the rest of the day.

The next day we made a visit to the  Busch Wildlife Sanctuary where they had a plethora of animals and the environment was a great look at what some of the swampland areas of florida looked like.  They had walking trails and everything there far-exceeded my expectations of a ‘free zoo’.


When you are on your next trip with your little one, take a look at what free events are in the area, what zoos or sanctuaries you can enjoy without having to open your wallet! A small list of some of the free zoos in the US can be found here.

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